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Lighting efficiency and flexibility with Helvar

Andrew Brister 14 May 2010
Lighting efficiency and flexibility with Helvar

Reflecting the growing demand for energy-saving commercial lighting control, Helvar has launched its next generation software suite, Touch Studio.

Helvar’s control package is said to bridge the gap between efficient building-wide monitoring and control and scene-setting capability for specific areas.  Forming part of a building’s networked systems, Touch Studio allows lighting to be operated via a PC – both centrally and from individual workstations.

Linked to Helvar’s Imagine or Digidim router systems, the software enables building users to programme pre-set lighting patterns for optimum efficiency, but also, through fully customisable on-screen control panels, for staff to adjust lighting levels to match the task in hand. 

With no requirement for additional cabling and hardware, the system is ideal for retro-fit projects, with no barrier to future expansion.


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