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Light Emissions brings large-scale LED displays to architects

Andrew Brister 26 January 2011
Light Emissions brings large-scale LED displays to architects

Newly-formed Light Emissions has introduced new standards in large scale LED video-based graphics to architects and interior designers. Art and Brain are first products.

With the technology already established in the entertainment sector, the new start-up, led by the highly experienced Peter Ed, has optimised its new low- and medium-resolution RGB tile system, known as Art, for the wider commercial markets, including museums, casinos, retail and cruise ships.

Justifying the decision for targeting “best of breed” large LED display technology at top end fixed installation markets, Peter Ed states: “Our strengths lie in having worked with leading global lighting and LED display companies; this enables us to combine a wealth of experience, from cutting-edge entertainment shows to major installation projects.

“We formed the company to meet requirements of designers needing to build video-based graphics into the very fabric of their projects. Though low-resolution LED video is often used in entertainment, there has been little so far to support the needs of installers and operators of fixed installations.”

To that end, Light Emissions has geared its visual solutions towards speed and ease of installation and simplicity of maintenance. “Importantly, graphic media is kept wholly in the digital video domain, avoiding complex programming and expensive controllers needed when using networked DMX,” Ed continues.

The low-resolution Art RGB display system can be configured into any shape and size via the tile-like LED PCBs, for building into physical settings such as walls, ceilings, staircases and general scenery. Currently the screens options are a standard 37.5mm medium-to-low resolution and a wider 75mm pixel pitch for low-resolution displays.

“Art is not a high definition TV-type screen,” emphasises Peter Ed. “Instead, it makes impact through size and the dynamic use of colours and granularity. When Art is invisibly integrated into an architectural space, the effect can range from sublime to stunning!”

Such is the simplicity of the Art system that the only additional element required is The Brain, Light Emissions’ dedicated fast and powerful video processing unit.

This receives high-speed digital video (DVI) inputs from any source (up to 1920 x 1080), maps the incoming pixels to the individual LEDs in the Art display and controls a number of advanced functions.

Once Light Emissions has established its 37.5mm and 75mm displays it will look towards developing a higher-resolution 25mm display.

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