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LifeSize and LG unite on video and VC system

Jo Ruddock 10 July 2010

The all-in-one video and voice conferencing system is powered by LifeSize and is capable of unifying HD video communications and collaboration technologies within a single, integrated solution.

Housed within a 24in 1920 x 1080 HD display, the system is said to be easy to deploy and "fully interoperable" with industry standards, allowing executives, remote office employees and teleworkers to connect with each other face to face.

The LG system offers a natural extension to the high-quality, immersive experience of LifeSize’s room-based telepresence systems. 

Point-to-point HD video calls are possible at 720p30 HD resolution with integrated 720p camera, microphone array and premium speakers. Designed to fit into the "natural desktop-based workflow", the LifeSize graphical user interface allows users to easily switch the system between HD videoconferencing and PC monitor functionality.

In addition, according to LG, the Executive system is exceptionally easy to use. Set is said to take just a few minutes and requires only the connection of two cables.

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