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Leurocom integrates LEDs in glass

test 12 January 2012
Leurocom integrates LEDs in glass

Mediaglass is a new integrated glass/LED system for large area facade displays. The multilayer laminated glass has built-in LED strips with integrated RGB multichip LEDs that can be controlled individually via video signal with 48-bit colour depth.
The pixel matrix can be individually adjusted to the project and place of installation via the distance between each LED and the distance between each of the strips. This patent-pending system can be serviced and maintained without changing the glass. It was developed by Leurocom in cooperation with BGT Bischoff Glastechnik, Bretten, and Inglas Produktions, Friedrichshafen.
Leurocom is also showing monochrome and bi-colour displays, plus full colour video displays and large area media facades. “The international field of applications are multifaceted. For example, full matrix displays for sports, industry and transportation, full colour videos for large area outdoor advertisement, city information systems and fairs as well as innovative transparent displays for the integration at building facades," said Leurocom managing director, Michael Bredow.
Having established led mediatecture as a joint venture with ag4 mediatecture, Leurocom can now offer customers “a complete service package from the realisation of an idea to the media content for individual lighting solutions,” Bredow added.

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