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Let the laughter Boom in Amsterdam

James McGrath 21 January 2013
Let the laughter Boom in Amsterdam

Boom Chicago (Comedy)
Comedy shows, dinner, dancing… Boom Chicago has it all

Boom Chicago is Amsterdam’s premier English language comedy venue. Their Chicago Social Club features a bar and restaurant and is regularly transformed into a nightclub. Boom Chicago’s multimedia comedy shows are a fast-paced mix of sharp writing, quick improvisation, video, music and the internet. 

Shot of Improv | Wed 30 Jan 20:00 | An exciting fast-paced and all-improvsed party €14

Reality Check | Thur 31 Jan | 20:00 | Boom Chicago’s newest comedy collection attacks the ridiculousness of modern life, poking fun at the good, the bad and the just plain silly €22

Rozengracht 117
Tram 10-13-14-17, stop MarnixStraat/Rozengracht 

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