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Leon Speakers announces five new home audio systems

test 16 April 2010

Leon Speakers has introduced five complete 5.1 and 7.2 Living Space Theater home audio systems for living spaces and dedicated home theatres, reports David Davies. The ability to satisfy varying requirements in terms of timbre and individual configuration are among the cited strengths of the new systems, which are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into the fabric of a home.

Each system consists of custom-built front-channel loudspeakers selected from Leon’s Living Space Theater collection, complemented by Leon’s AXIS Series of premium in-ceiling speakers or reference-grade in-wall surround sound speakers, and the compact Aaros 10in (A10-UT) subwoofer and 1,000W L3-1K amplifier.

The front soundstage of each Leon 5.1 or 7.2 system includes LCR solutions from the Horizon and Profile Series, which encompass models ranging from the 1.5in Horizon 212-LCR-UT to the Horizon 414 and Profile 404 Series. For bigger rooms and larger TVs, Leon’s Horizon 616 7.2 system features a front soundstage powered by Peerless HDS 6in woofers and Morel MDT-29 cloth-dome tweeters for maximum power handling and sound pressure levels (SPL). At the top of Leon’s offering is the Horizon Ultima 7.2 system (pictured), whose front-channel LCR solution utilises hand-made 5in Eton Hexacone woofers and Morel ET-338 tweeters.

The Living Space Theater systems are complemented by surround sound speakers that are custom finished to match any paint colour or solid hardwood. While most systems are paired with Leon’s premium, closed-back, in-ceiling speakers from the AXIS Series (AX-61 and AX-81), the Horizon Ultima reference-grade system is matched with the vUltima-i fully sealed in-wall speakers, all of which are timbre-matched to the front soundstage.

The new offer is completed by Leon’s Aaros A10-UT ultra-thin subwoofer, which is paired with the L3-1K 1,000W Class A/B subwoofer amplifier.

Looking ahead, Ethan Kaplan, Leon Speakers’ marketing director, told IE Residential: “This year, we have set out to not only offer the highest quality products, but also the most relevant product line capable of integrating seamlessly with modern home design trends. As home theatre moves into various living spaces throughout the home, the need for refined, customisable products becomes extremely important. Leon is prepared to meet the challenges of this changing environment with our new Living Space Theater 5.1 and 7.2 systems, each of which offers custom built, high-fidelity front soundstage solutions, custom matched in-wall and on-wall rear channels and highly refined subwoofers.”

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