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Lava launches new motorised TV wall bracket

test 18 November 2009

The Swedish company’s mMotion is said to enable users’ TVs to “look ’round corners”. In a development that means consumers “will no longer have to arrange the furniture in their living rooms around their televisions”, mMotion allows the TV to be turned towards its audience through an arc of up to 180∫.

The mMotion range includes two models: the LA 1005 for all flatscreen TVs from 25in to 37in, and the LA 1010 for models up to 50in. Both are ‘universal’ fitting and will accommodate all brands.

A remote control with user-configurable preset positions is supplied with the mMotion, although the bracket can be operated from the TV’s own remote control and swings into the required position when the TV is turned on. It then returns to its ‘parked’ position when the TV is turned off.

Lava brackets are distributed in the UK by Armour Homes, whose Tony Jones observed: “The mMotion bracket can be easily installed onto either solid or stud walls; owners can then choose to have their television move through either a left- or right-handed arc. Because it can rotate up to 180∫, mounted in an appropriate position, the TV can even ‘look around corners’ and be viewed from another room.”

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