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Latest Modero X Series touchpanel gets the green light from AMX

Andrew Brister 27 November 2012
Latest Modero X Series touchpanel gets the green light from AMX

AMX completes rollout of its Modero X Series Line with 4.3in version featuring new conference room scheduling with red and green LEDs to signal room availability. AMX, the provider of unified control and automation solutions, has announced the immediate availability of the 4.3iin Modero X Series touchpanels (MXD-430). The smallest of the multi-award winning touchpanel family, the MXD-430 maintains the innovative capabilities and next-generation aesthetics which have now become synonymous with the Modero X Series. While the MXD-430 is a full-featured touchpanel that delivers automation and control inside any conference room, it also boasts new levels of functionality which make it equally suited for use outside a meeting room as a visual tool for scheduling. Programmable red and green LEDs on both sides of the panel make it easy to look down a hall and determine which rooms are occupied or available. Like all Modero X Series touchpanels, the 4.3in model is packed with features and functionality such as multi-touch capabilities, gesturing, swiping and tapping that mobile phone and tablet users have become so comfortable using. Also on board are advanced communications technologies like support for Near Field Communications (NFC), Bluetooth connections and video streaming. Other technologies include in-plane switching glass, which offers 80ºviewing for exceptional resolution, vivid colouring and extremely sharp images. And, for installation convenience, its PoE feature ensures only a single cable is required for power and data. “We hear it every day from AV consultants, architects and corporate dealers: ‘Meetings continue to carve out more and more of the workday and squeezing every minute out of every meeting is crucial. We need a way to reduce potentially wasted time such as finding a free room when an impromptu meeting comes up,’” said Robert Noble, AMX chief technology officer. “The solution of a confirmation LED was actually a minor design change but is having a major impact on our customers’ reactions. Now, end users can simply glance down the hall and locate a free room. The MXD-430 is not only increasing device, room and building efficiencies but is also significantly increasing workplace productivity at the same time.”
 With the release of the MXD-430 4.3in model, the complete line of Modero X Series touchpanels is now available. The other models include the 20.3in and 19.4in panoramics and the 10.1in and 7in widescreens.

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