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Lab.gruppen solutions for two Russian venues

David Davies 17 May 2011
Lab.gruppen solutions for two Russian venues

Moscow-based MS-Max has completed two substantial entertainment complex installations using a number of different Lab.gruppen amplifier products.

The Gorka Club in the Russian city of Yaroslav was recently the subject of an IE story concerning its EAW system fit-out. Now we can add a further dimension to coverage with news of the Lab.gruppen installation at the venue.

The Lab.gruppen component is principally to serve the Gorka nightclub, which also doubles as a live venue. FP+ Series amplifiers were selected to drive the EAW KF730 line array dance system, while a variety of C Series dedicated installation amps were chosen to power other EAW systems in chill-out and VIP areas, the bar, the bathrooms and the jacuzzi.

MS-Max has also played an important role at the Europe club in Yakutsk. A massive complex spread over five floors and incorporate a pub, sports bar, multi-purpose hall, a cafe and more, the Europe features amplifiers and EAW loudspeakers throughout. For the nightclub, MS-Max opted for a distributed system based around EAW’s Avalon Series, using DC1 and DC2 powered by Lab.gruppen’s fP Series amplifiers. Surround systems throughout the club are powered by Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers. Models from this range can also be found powering an EAW NTL720 systems in the restaurant and to drive the strip club sound system.

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