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L-Acoustics in full flight at Dubrovnik Airport

Paddy Baker 11 June 2010
L-Acoustics in full flight at Dubrovnik Airport

The company’s 108P coaxial enclosures have been installed in the airport’s newly-opened Terminal B. L-Acoustics’ Croatian distributor, Dicroic, fitted two rows of eight 108P active coaxials – the first on the ground floor and the second below the roof on the third floor – in the new terminal, which was formally opened by Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor.

Occupying 13,700sqm, Terminal B constitutes the latest stage in the redevelopment of Dubrovnik Airport, which handled more than 1.1 million passengers in 2009.

As a result of the new audio installation, built-in microphones at each of the eight gates on the ground floor can notify travellers in any part of the terminal, using any combination of the 108Ps – from one localised speaker to the entire complement.

Dicroic’s Slaven Tahirbegovic commented: "We’ve managed to get extremely good results in this large area in terms of excellent sound coverage without reflection, with a relatively small amount of enclosures. When we compare the sound with other airports, the main difference is that using the L-Acoustics 108Ps, we have managed to provide uniform volume and excellent intelligibility. On top of that, we appreciate that L-Acoustics offers white versions to satisfy architectural demands. Once again this proves to me that superior technology gives excellent results in practice."

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