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Kramer’s Step-in switcher gives boardroom boost

test 12 January 2012
Kramer’s Step-in switcher gives boardroom boost

The Step-in switcher is described as a ‘revolutionary system’ that brings flexibility and versatility to any given boardroom.
Designed to be easy to use and install, the system is comprises a switcher and up to 10 Step-in modules connected by twisted pair cable. It allows each of the participants to connect their laptop, as well as enabling each user to take control of the main display by pressing the Step-in button on their control module.
The control modules come equipped in a variety of interface options with a separate audio input: HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, computer graphics, and a multi-format module that combines all the interfaces.
The multi-format X1 module can also serve as a stand-alone switcher, with four different inputs of HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and computer graphics, complementing small boardrooms and supporting almost any laptop format. It can be cascaded to increase the number of boardroom participants. A dedicated control application is available for PC, iOS and Android platforms.
Kramer recently launched the VP-31KSI and VP-81KSI analogue Step-in switchers for computer graphics video providing boardroom solutions. The VP-31KSI, suitable for small-size boardrooms, switches any one of three inputs to one computer graphics video, while the VP-81KSI, for larger boardrooms, does the same with any one of eight inputs.

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