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Korean church is L-Acoustics early adopter again

David Davies 7 February 2011
Korean church is L-Acoustics early adopter again

Yonsei Central Baptist Church – scene of the first L-Acoustics V-DOSC church installation in Asia – has now become the first in the region to install a K1 WST line source system.

Located in Seoul, the enormous, 32,677 sqm house of worship is equipped with around 200 L-Acoustics cabinets. The K1 system has been installed into the main Jerusalem sanctuary, a 13,000 seat hall with a single balcony occupying three floors of the building with no visible obstructions such as supporting pillars.

The K1 installation came about when Mr Park Byung Jun (head of the church broadcasting team), Mr Lee Hwan Chul (head of the project team) and Scott Sung (L-Acoustics product manager for local distributor Dream Sound) needed to conceal some dV-DOSC delays they were planning to install alongside the Jerusalem sanctuary’s V-DOSC system. In doing so, they examined the possibility of installing K1 instead.

The resulting installation comprises two hangs of nine K1 boxes with three KARA WST line source cabinets and four K1-SB subs per side, powered by LA8 amplified controllers. For the back rows of the hall, two hangs of four white 8XTi coaxial speakers from L-Acoustics’ Architectural Series have been integrated, blending discreetly into the building’s interior.

“The goal for the new sound design was to cover the audience area without the need for delays or under-balcony systems, guaranteeing a clear view for the audience,” said Cedric Montrezor, L-Acoustics’ head of installation support. “Dream Sound proposed upgrading the existing V-DOSC/ dV-DOSC to a full K1 system and we helped them with the sound design. Thanks to the K1 rigging, we were able to lower the system in order to cover the under-balcony areas with the main system and to maintain an homogenous SPL/frequency response coverage on the balcony.”

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