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KOKO upgrades with JBL, Crown

David Davies 19 September 2011
KOKO upgrades with JBL, Crown

London venue KOKO has upgraded its existing JBL/Crown house system in a move designed to keep the technical infrastructure of this 1,500-capacity venue ahead of the curve.

In a further continuation of a long association between KOKO and Harman Pro brands, distributor Sound Technology has recently commissioned the first phase of a new JBL/Crown system. This includes an upgrade from the existing JBL SRX enclosures to six VerTec VT4886 sub-compact array elements, which now sit atop eight new VerTec VT4880a 2 x 18in subs (replacing the previous SRX models). At the same time the Crown iTech amplifiers have been upgraded to flagship Crown iTech HDs featuring higher power and next generation onboard DSP with BSS OmniDrive HD processing and Linear Phase FIR filters.

The new design was devised by venue technical manager Tim Hamper in conjunction with Sound Technology Project Team head Sam Brandon.

“Our vision when we opened was not just to reinvent an iconic venue, but to revolutionise live music in the UK by transforming this into the capital’s hottest address,” said venue chief Larry Seymour (pictured here with Sound Technology sales director Greg Niven). “With huge brand visibility JBL became central to that plan, as part of a Harman family installation which also includes Crown amplification and Soundcraft digital mixing desks.

“It’s consistently been a priority to sustain an advanced technical infrastructure, widely accepted by both fans and bands. Our production team is entirely focused on delivering top quality shows on a consistent basis and to that end we are constantly reinforcing our equipment, adding something pretty much every year.”

Brandon highlighted the headroom offered by the eight iTech 5000HDs and eight iTech 9000HDs driving the main system, with five iTech 12000HDs powering the subs.

“Previously, the old iTechs were powering the main array’s eight VT4888s per side in two sets of three, plus one pair, per hang. Now with the new specification, iTech HD’s drive the elements in pairs,” explained Brandon. “This, along with the new series’ extra output, results in a system with much increased headroom and control. The additional benefit of the upgraded DSP engine results in a much more transparent sound.”

Both Seymour and Hamper paid tribute to the assistance provided by Sound Technology. Remarked Hamper: “Sam [Brandon] has been brilliant and Sound Technology go far out of their way to support us.”

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