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KIVA in Tel Aviv: L-Acoustics at the Cameri

David Davies 23 December 2011
KIVA in Tel Aviv: L-Acoustics at the Cameri

The 950-capacity Cameri Theatre in Tel Aviv has been provided with an L-Acoustics KIVA ultra-compact modular WST line source system by the manufacturer’s Israeli distributor, Lightone.

The venue opted to specify L-Acoustics having been happy with its use of the company’s coaxial products for its touring productions. The new permanent system was created by sound designer Eytan Gidron in conjunction with L-Acoustics’ tech support engineer, Germain Simon, using the L-Acoustics’ proprietary Soundvision 3D acoustic simulation software. Nine KIVA and three KILO low frequency extensions per side have been flown as the main left/right ‘music’ system. Below each array is a single 112P self powered coaxial speaker, used to bring down the sound image and fill the areas that the main array does not cover. Completing the L/R system are two ground-stacked SB18i subwoofers per side. A centre array of nine KIVAs is used mainly as a vocal system.

Since installation, the Cameri’s new system has been in use on a production of Cabaret. “The first thing I noticed after powering up the system was a clear and solid midrange, followed by a smooth, dynamic yet non aggressive low end,” said Yishay Hamami, sound technician at the theatre. “The sub lows produced by the ground stacked SB18is merge very well with the flown system to yield a precise bottom end with minimum distortion. I was very pleased to step out from FOH during soundcheck and find that my mix translated evenly across the hall, introducing good frequency response coverage with lots of headroom.”

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