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KEF announces new home cinema system option

test 7 August 2009

The KHT3005SE K2 5.1 home cinema system is billed as a “reasonably priced high-performance KHT3000 series option”. Incorporating the same satellites and centres as the KHT3005SE, the KHT3005SE K2 is available with a KUBE-2 subwoofer. Featuring a 200W Class-D amplifier, the KUBE-2 is said to deliver a well-defined and impressive bass that “integrates powerfully” with satellites.

The KEF KHT3005SE K2 5.1 system has a suggested retail price of £999.99 (complete) and is available now.

Steve Halsall, managing director of KEF Audio (UK), told IE Residential: “The 3005SE K2 system has been put together by KEF to offer better value to consumers in these challenging times. By substituting the HTB2SE subwoofer from the multi-award-winning KHT3005SE with the newly-developed KUBE-2, it has been possible to maintain a retail price of £999.99.”

Simultaneously, KEF has also reduced the retail price of the current KHT3005SE, which incorporates the HTB2SE Subwoofer, by £100.00, giving a new suggested retail price of £1199.99.

“KEF remains committed to offering great consumer value, and this is just one of a whole series of promotions aimed at generating store traffic during the summer,” added Halsall.

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