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Kaleidescape shipping first Blu-ray movie server

David Davies 4 January 2011
Kaleidescape shipping first Blu-ray movie server

Extensive storage capabilities and a simple, elegant user interface are among the features of this Blu-ray solution, which encompasses the Modular Disc Vault (pictured).

The newly-introduced Modular Disc Vault completes the Kaleidescape Blu-ray movie server. Paired with a Kaleidescape M-Class player, the disc vault imports, houses and organises your Blu-ray discs. The copies stored on the server are then ready for instant playback.

With a capacity of 100 discs, the Modular Disc Vault simplifies ownership by automating the import process. Any number of Modular Disc Vaults may be added to a system, but each must be connected to its own M-Class player.

The Kaleidescape Movie Guide combines high-res cover art with a brief synopsis of each film and a wealth of other information. Video bookmarks and triggers enable the system to start a movie, as well as automatically adjusting lighting, curtains and screen-masking during playback.

The Modular Disc Vault is priced at £1,195 in the UK, and is available now. The M500 Player and M300 Player have been shipping since May 2010 and are priced at £2,995 and £1,995 MSRP, respectively, in the UK. All prices exclude VAT. Any Kaleidescape System can be upgraded to be a Blu-ray movie server with the addition of an M-Class player and a Modular Disc Vault.

Michael Malcolm, founder/chairman/CEO of Kaleidescape, commented: “The simplicity and elegance that we have achieved for watching Blu-ray movies required significant hardware and software innovation, legal analysis and user interface design. My family and I enjoy the freedom to jump to a favourite scene in a movie or to any song in a concert. For the first time, all of our Blu-ray movies are literally at our fingertips, at any screen in our home.”

Speaking to IE-Residential, product marketing director Linus Wong said that the company was now able to offer “the same experience [for Blu-ray] as for DVD. You can import all your Blu-ray discs, press play from any zone, and your movies play instantly – without trailers or menus.”

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