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Kaleidescape Mini offers in-one entertainment

test 30 June 2009

Kaleidescape’s new Mini System is the first from the manufacturer to integrate a complete multi-zone system into a single component, and is also priced at around 40% less than the full Kaleidescape System. Out-of-the-box, the Mini System provides a single movie zone and two additional music zones. A remote control is included.

The Mini System can be expanded, as users’ needs and budget grow. It is possible add players to bring entertainment to more rooms, servers to increase the media capacity of the system, or additional Mini System’s to achieve both of those things in a single upgrade.

The base Mini System stores up to 75 DVDs or 825 CDs and can be expanded by adding disk cartridges to store up to 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs, or some mix of the two. Content stored on a Mini System is protected by Kaleidescape’s RAID-K technology, and need not be re-imported if a hard disk drive fails.

Users also get the benefit of the Kaleidescape graphical interface, allowing film and music titles to be sorted by criteria such as title, actor, artist, director, genre, age, or duration. Combined with extensive cross-referencing and high quality cover art, the system is designed to help users get the most from the content they own.

“The Kaleidescape experience makes choosing a movie, television show, or album interesting and fun for the entire family,” said Kaleidescape chairman and CEO Michael Malcolm, of, Inc. “The frustration of rummaging through discs and mediating between siblings is replaced by leaning back and enjoying your entire entertainment collection with your family. Our customers spend more time being entertained, and ultimately derive more value from the DVDs and CDs they already own.”

At its simplest, the Mini System installs easily by connecting it to power, the internet and a television display. It is shipped as a free-standing component, but it can be adapted for rack-mounting with the included kit.

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