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Kaleidescape continues selling movie servers as injunction is stayed

Paddy Baker 20 August 2012
Kaleidescape continues selling movie servers as injunction is stayed

Kaleidescape last month won the right to continue manufacturing its movie servers while the latest decision in its long-running legal case with the DVD Copy Control Association (DVD CCA) goes to appeal.

As we reported in March, Judge William J Monahan of the California Supreme Court ruled in favour of the DVD CCA and issued an injunction stating that, from the date that injunction came into effect, any Kaleidescape system sold must not play a DVD from a copy on a hard disk. This injunction, which had not come into effect, has now been stayed following the granting of Kaleidescape’s petition for a writ of supersedeas by the California 6th District Court of Appeal.

The result is that Kaleidescape can continue manufacturing and selling its current systems while the appeal is pending. The company says that it expects the appeal process to take a year or more.

The dispute with the DVD CCA relates to whether or not its agreement with Kaleidescape permits its systems to play DVD content from a hard disk without the DVD being present. It is a contractual dispute, rather than an argument over copyright.


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