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Kaleidescape announces new DVD movie server

David Davies 15 December 2010
Kaleidescape announces new DVD movie server

The Cinema One ‘out-of-the-box’ DVD movie server is designed to bring the Kaleidescape experience to a broader set of customers.

Priced at £4,200 MSRP (ex VAT), Cinema One is based on and replaces the Kaleidescape Mini System. Features include automatic switching to a simplified user interface when the Child Remote is used; parental control over children’s access to content; two independent music zones; storage capacity for 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs; and ease of expansion by connecting another Cinema One or a Kaleidescape player to the home network.
Michael Malcolm, founder, chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape, commented: “Our dealers and customers have been asking for a simple-to-install Kaleidescape System. The Cinema One makes it possible for many more customers to enjoy the richness of the Kaleidescape experience.”

Speaking to IE Residential, Kaleidescape product marketing director Linus Wong said that customer dealers were “very excited” by the prospect of a more affordable DVD server solution. “Lots of customers fall in love with the Kaleidescape experience, but find that the price points makes it unattainable. [This new product represents] a 40-50% price reduction for those people, making Kaleidescape products accessible to a broader set of customers.”

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