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Jupiter Systems shows off Canvas software

Jo Ruddock 4 February 2014
Jupiter Systems shows off Canvas software

Jupiter Systems is highlighting its Canvas display collaboration software which features new mobile connectivity. Canvas allows any source viewable on a traditional display wall to be shared on other devices in real time, anywhere in the world. The software allows for live notation and chat between multiple users whether in front of control room displays, or remotely on laptops, phones and tablets.

“The display wall market isn’t tied to just operators sitting in front of a video wall and seeing that video wall,” said Aravind Nagarajan, Jupiter’s director of product management. “Now the same video can also be shared on laptops and mobile devices. So you’re not limited to seeing that video in a closed, control room scenario. You could be anywhere and you could see the same video that’s showing up in your control room anywhere in the world.”

“We added collaboaration on top of that shared video. So you can do live annotation and draw on top of the video to bring attention to a particular situations or scenarios.”

Canvas display feeds can be set with levels of permissions by user, and collaborative chat and drawing features can be addressed to individual users or groups.

Stand: 2-A45

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