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Joost Demarest, Director, KNX Association

Jo Ruddock 25 January 2012
Joost Demarest, Director, KNX Association

Returning to ISE as a pivotal exhibitor in the show’s new Energy Management Pavilion in Hall 7, the KNX Association continues to grow its membership – from 215 this time last year to nearly 250 today. Association Director Joost Demarest says that inter-operability is one of the keys to its success: “One of the many things that makes KNX special is that, thanks to our certification scheme involving third-party test labs, products which feature the KNX standard are guaranteed to be inter-operable. That means not just inter-operability between one manufacturer’s KNX product and another – but also between KNX products from different application domains.” Energy management is a topic close to the heart of many potential customers, both residential and commercial. “KNX can control many applications in homes and buildings,” points out Demarest. “It has already been extensively used to minimise energy costs such as lighting, sun shading and, last but not least, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. “But it can also be used for load shedding: on the many KNX displays that are available, the customer can not only monitor the evolution of their energy consumption but can also – thanks to KNX energy actuators – find the source of a possible increase of consumption.” To find out more about KNX and its member companies, visit the Energy Management Pavilion in Hall 7 of ISE 2012. 

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