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Company Lead Event Technician
Midlands & North £25,000 per annum Permanent
Closes 20170929
Posted on Aug292017


Our client is looking for a Lead Event Technician to be based out of their office in the Midlands near Wolverhampton. The company is primarily involved in AV Events and AV / IT Equipment Hire.

Requirements for the role:

– To be competent, and comfortable working in both exhibition and corporate environments, often without assistance.
– To be able to wall mount equipment as required without external guidance.
– Basic networking skills, setting of IP address and subnet masks, connecting printers. configuring routers to access the internet etc.
– Basic understanding of power distribution, understanding of the difference between RCDs, MCBs and RCBOs. The importance of protection and how it keeps people safe.
– The ability to configure IT equipment to a level above that of a standard user, i.e. installation of operating systems, configuring graphics cards with multiple outputs, swapping out hard drives and graphics cards etc.
– Knowledge of our PA systems, being able to setup simple systems with multiple inputs.
– Basic understanding of projection and the ability to setup a simple projection.
– Being able to plan your own time before a job, and comfortable in leading / completing the preparation of equipment in our warehouse unassisted.
– Having the willingness and skill to assist when installing and configuring video / LED walls.
– Taking ownership of your own on site health and safety, keeping yourself and those around you safe, identifying risk and putting measures in place to counteract where necessary.
– A familiarity in the use of Sketchup pre event.
– A thorough understanding of the fault finding process, and what to do to escalate the problem if it fails.
– Be comfortable at configuring IT equipment at a high level, knowledge of DHCP and DNS servers and their configuration and use.
– Advanced networking skills, planning of subnets and wireless theory.
– Be able to work with various video/media formats, knowing how to convert from one type to another and which is best in which situation.
– Identify when working with a team onsite what is still to be achieved, and what is the priority.
– Great client management skills, making them feel confident that you and your team and deliver what they require when they need it.
– The ability to configure and operate a switcher / scaler to a basic level
– Set up and operate more complicated PA systems, with multiple zones.
– A basic understanding of rigging, leading to the ability to build simple truss structures.
– A more advanced understanding of power distribution, three phase systems, phase separation, problems with multiple paths to earth etc.
– Being able to take the lead in loading and unloading transport to ensure it is completed in a safe and efficient manner.
– Being able to use our exhibition / event planner to coordinate installation tasks across a team
– Be able to look at a project and assess and plan the person power needed to complete
– To have completed the Academy’s Project Manager Course
– To be competent in reading, understanding and extracting the useful information from Cad drawings.
– Manage health and safety issues for a small team.
– To be seen as the lead person onsite, distribute the workload and check on progress.
– Able to build / configure a LED wall
– Take your knowledge of our equipment further to be able to suggest what to use in order to achieve a desired outcome. Start to design the solutions and be able to suggest alternative ways of doing things
– Be able to calculate power requirements for solutions and talk to venues to ensure we get the right power in the right place.
– A knowledge that goes further than generic equipment and includes the setup and use preconfigured Media Servers
– An ability to lead the install of LED Walls including dealing with issues with confidence
– More advanced switcher configuration, setup of PIP’s, Chroma Key effects and logos overlay etc.
– Advanced projector setup including edge blends and non standard orientation mounting.
– Understand Rigging points and the ability to use them safely.
– Work alongside a project / production manager confidently as a number 2, dealing with issues before they arise and supporting them with

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