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Jerry Bruckheimer partners with Barco to develop projects for Barco Escape

Duncan Proctor 21 April 2015
Jerry Bruckheimer partners with Barco to develop projects for Barco Escape

Barco and Jerry Bruckheimer Films have announced a partnership, which will see Bruckheimer utilise the Barco Escape format on an upcoming project and in the re-envisioning of a classic Bruckheimer film. In addition, Jerry Bruckheimer Films has joined the Barco Escape advisory board.

In September last year, Barco announced a partnership with Samsung and Oculus to preview the immersive, panoramic format when it was still in the early stages of deployment.

“Barco Escape is a bold step forward in storytelling and the future of the cinema experience, allowing us to expand the creative vision of our films,” said Jerry Bruckheimer. “Barco Escape represents a significant advancement in the film industry’s on-going evolution and we are thrilled to work with Barco’s team to develop projects that will transport audiences into movies in an unprecedented way.”

Todd Hoddick, Barco’s VP of global entertainment, commented: “Jerry Bruckheimer Films is one of the most powerful brands in Hollywood. We’re honoured to work hand in hand with Jerry Bruckheimer and his team to develop projects for Barco Escape that provide audiences unparalleled, immersive entertainment experiences they can’t get at home. This marks another exciting step in Barco Escape’s continued collaboration with the creative community to bring our newest technology and storytelling tools to the cinema.”

Barco Escape was introduced to audiences in September when it featured select scenes from The Maze Runner in the format. Its upcoming release, a special performance event with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, was the first film to be shot natively for Barco Escape.

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