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JBL introduces revolutionary line array series

Paddy Baker 23 January 2012
JBL introduces revolutionary line array series

JBL Professional’s new VTX Line Array Series, designed for portable and fixed-venue systems, features technology that the manufacturer describes as ‘revolutionary’.   At the heart of VTX is the D2 Dual Driver, a JBL-developed device that is said to dramatically improve the sound and performance of high frequencies. D2 overcomes the limitations of conventional compression driver technology: limited high frequency extension due to mass of the diaphragm and voice coil, and distortion characteristics that arise due to dome breakup modes.   The first product from the VTX Line Array Series is the VTX V25—a full-size, 3-way, high-directivity line array element. The VTX V25 features two 2000W 15in Differential Drive woofers mounted in die-cast aluminum baffles, with four 8in Differential Drive mid-range transducers and three of the new D2 dual-diaphragm dual-voice-coil compression drivers mounted on a third-generation waveguide and patented Radiation Boundary Integrator (RBI) assembly.   According to JBL, the RBI combines the high-frequency and mid-range sections of the VTX V25 so the transition across each band is uninterrupted, undistorted and seamless. A patent-pending tuned resonant absorption chamber (TRAC) is integrated into the waveguide itself, effectively eliminating throat-related cancellations due to back pressure from the mid-range section. VTX’s refined RBI waveguide implementation provides improved horizontal coverage – broader and more stable.   The VTX Series draws on other Harman Professional audio technologies for setup, tuning, networking and control – including Crown Audio VRack DSP and amplification. VRack is a rugged touring rack fitted with three Crown I-Tech HD Series power amplifiers, power input panel, and custom-engineered input/output panels.   The patented workflow paradigm of JBL HiQnet Performance Manager interface guides the system designer through the complete system design, configuration and control process and, in many ways, the entire process is said to feel and act like a simple step-by-step wizard.

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