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Jands supports Backstreet Girls, Cocktail Slippers

Ian McMurray 24 July 2011
Jands supports Backstreet Girls, Cocktail Slippers

Lighting designer Ronny Starheim specified a Jands Vista T2 console to control all lighting at the 2011 Spydeberg Rock Festival, a new event set in the picturesque environs of Spydeberg, Norway, south east of Oslo.

The one day event was attended by 2,500 people – far exceeding expectations considering the local population is only around 4,000. An action-packed line-up included The Backstreet Girls from Norway, Swedish girlband Cocktail Slippers.

The stage was a 12 metre wide by 10 metre deep ground supported roof, under which a series of production trusses were hung. "My main objective was to provide an overall design that was diverse enough to give all the bands – and a Battle of the Bands competition – something unique and different for their sets," said Starheim. This was a major reason he specified the Jands T2 console – running the new v2 software – for its powerful, quick and simple programming abilities.

"It’s flexible, powerful, easy to use and gives plenty of scope for creativity, so I know I can put a show together accurately, quickly and efficiently," he continued, adding that it’s also one of the best desks he knows for working on-the-fly.

At Spydeberg, the Jands Vista T2 was controlling a Robe moving light rig consisting of seven ROBIN 300 Beams, seven ROBIN 600 Beams and seven ColorSpot 700E ATs, all of which were hung upstage and used to produce classic ‘big rock show’ looks and intense beam work.

Upstage of the band’s backlines were eight Chroma-Q Color Force 48 LED battens mounted in four banks of two, which were used as blinder effects. These were chosen for their intense output and rich array of colours.

Ten Chroma-Q Color Block 2 LED fixtures were used for striking architectural illumination of the roof and its structural support towers. Far upstage was a ShowLED animation curtain, used as a backdrop, and on this same truss were seven Robe ROBIN 600 LEDWashes. The lighting rig was completed with eight strobes.

Content for the ShowLED curtain was stored and played back via a Green Hippo Hippotizer media server.

According to Jands, Vista v2 was designed from the ground up to allow all levels of user to get the most from whatever mix of technology they have available, whether lighting, LED, or media. Available in a wide range of hardware, Vista v2 is said to offer both the simplicity to work fast and the power to control the finest details, so everyone can focus on creating a great looking show rather than on programming a desk.

“On this style of event, where things are constantly changing, the flexibility and accuracy of Vista v2 really comes into its own,” said Jands Europe’s Neil Vann. “Just because you don’t know what the next act sounds like doesn’t mean you should have to compromise on how good the show looks – and Lars-Erik and Ronny are part of the ever-growing worldwide family who prove each day that with Vista you don’t have to.”

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