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Jands appoints Turkish distributor

Ian McMurray 24 June 2011
Jands appoints Turkish distributor

Jands Europe has expanded its dealer network as a result, says the company, of the response received to the launch of the new Vista v2 software at this year’s Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. Istanbul-based Atempo has been appointed as the exclusive new Turkish dealer for the Jands range of lighting controllers and dimmers.

"We ensure that we choose the best companies to represent and support the whole Jands range in their respective regions, and are delighted to welcome the Atempo Group as the newest member of our constantly growing international dealer network,” said Jands Europe’s Neil Vann (pictured). “They have all the technical expertise, dedication and attention to detail that we look for in a partner company.”

"With more designers, programmers and operators looking at Vista v2 and seeing its advantages,” continued Vanns, “it is even more imperative that we strengthen our dealer network to keep ahead of the interest.”

"Jands Vista v2 opens up a completely new horizon of lighting control for all applications, from the smallest and most straightforward lighting rigs to large and sophisticated designs featuring multiple moving lights, LED, digital lighting elements and video,” said Atempo’s Istanbul regional director, Volkan Konuralp. “It is all based around the same concept, and at Atempo we think Vista v2’s impact on lighting control will be similar to the ‘iPod revolution’ in terms of scale, ease of use and philosophy.”

Vista v2 is now shipping with all Jands Vista consoles following three years of development and use on major shows and events by beta-testers worldwide. As well as being factory-standard with all new Vista consoles, the Vista v2 software is available as a free upgrade to existing users.

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