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Jade is Wharfedale’s new ‘jewel’ in the crown

David Davies 30 July 2011
Jade is Wharfedale’s new ‘jewel’ in the crown

Positioned above the Diamond 10 Series, the new Jade range from Wharfedale comprises four stereo speakers, two centre-channel models, and a wall-mountable speaker for surround sound use.

The stereo models are the standmount Jade-1 and Jade-3, and the floor-standing Jade-5 and Jade-7. Jade-C1 and Jade-C2 are both centre-channel units, while the Jade-SR is a wall-mountable speaker for surround sound use. Customers wishing to add an active subwoofer may select a model from the forthcoming Wharfedale PowerCube range, due to launch later this summer.

Features of the Jade Series products include: elegantly-curved cabinets fashioned from a new proprietary substance, Crystalam, that is designed to reduce panel vibration and acoustic leakage to below the threshold of audibility; a proprietary cone material called Acufiber that is said to marry the responsiveness of glass and carbon fibre with a self-damping woven matrix; crossovers that are ‘perfectly phase linear’, ensuring that the ear hears no discontinuity as each drive unit hands over sonic delivery to the next; and a new version of the Aperiodic loading system.

The Wharfedale Jade Series will be made available from August in a choice of three real-wood veneers: black oak, vintage cherry and piano black. The piano black veneer is additionally smothered in a deep, lustrous, hand-polished lacquer. Optional extras include high-quality floor stands for the Jade-1 and Jade-3, and dedicated table stands for the Jade-C1 and Jade-C2.

The new range was developed by a team led by Peter Comeau, director of acoustic design for Wharfedale parent company IAG. “While best known since the 1980s for bringing high quality sound to the masses with the groundbreaking Diamond loudspeakers, Wharfedale’s 79-year history contains an enviable catalogue of landmark designs at a wide variety of price points,” he said. “Our aim with Jade is to establish a new standard in sound and build quality at a price level above the current Diamond 10 Series.

“Uncompromising in design and manufactured with care and precision, Jade loudspeakers are constructed using the finest materials available. Coupling traditional craftsmanship to the latest advances in acoustic technology, we are able to uphold Wharfedale’s tradition of sonic excellence and furniture-quality cabinet-making that dates back to the company’s inception in 1932. The goal is to allow the listener to become involved in the musical performance by immersion in the full emotion and passion engendered by the original musicians. We call this the Wharfedale Experience.”

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