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It’s getting LOUD in here for AVnu

David Davies 6 April 2011
It’s getting LOUD in here for AVnu

LOUD Technologies Inc is the latest audio giant to announce its membership of the AVB networking standards-promoting group the AVnu Alliance.

Bosch Communications Systems, Yamaha and Riedel are among the other companies to have joined the group during the last six months alone.

“As an industry, we owe it to our customers to simplify and standardise networked audio/video installations through the universal adoption of AVB,” said Mark Graham (pictured), LOUD’s CEO. “Through our Avenue partnership and thoughtful migration to AVB, LOUD will position our brands and our customers well for the next phase of growth in the install, AV and PA markets.”

“We developed U-Net to meet market need for a low latency, low per-node-cost networking protocol,” added Jeff Rocha LOUD’s EAW business unit general manager and vice-president. “And there’s no question that U-Net’s integrated bi-directional communication and digital audio transport native to many EAW products is of great value to our customers. As the AVB standard matures, we will eventually offer our customers the same functionality of U-Net, but with the added benefit of seamless integration across a wide range of components from other manufacturers.”

LOUD says that the alliance will also help it to deliver networking technologies through the Mackie brand, which to date has not deployed the U-Net protocol.

“The Mackie R&D team is chomping at the bit to deliver AVB-enabled products that will deliver some serious bang for the buck… how very Mackie, no?” said John Boudreau, v-p of LOUD’s Mackie brand.

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