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Isotek upgrades audio system power conditioner

David Davies 12 October 2011
Isotek upgrades audio system power conditioner

The Solus power conditioner for audio system has been upgraded to EVO3 status and provides a solution to the pollution of mains electricity by numerous contaminants.

Positioned between the entry-level Sirius and Aquarius in IsoTekʼs range, the EVO3 Solus builds upon the design of the outgoing GII Solus by incorporating a number of technologies trickled down from the companyʼs top-end power conditioning units. Up to six audio components may be connected, enabling users to upgrade the sound quality of every source and amp component in a hi-fi system.

Mains noise can be broken down into two types: differential noise, which is typically caused by light switches and domestic switch-mode power supplies; and common mode noise, which emanates from a point source, such as a radio transmitter.

IsoTek has enhanced a number of key circuits to ensure the EVO3 Solus tackles both differential and common mode noise with even greater effectiveness than the GII model it replaces. The sophisticated delta filter network has been significantly improved, while newly devised individual differential filtering is applied to each of the unit’s six outputs, preventing cross-contamination between connected audio components.

IsoTek’s proprietary KERP and Polaris-X technologies are also integrated into the design. KERP equalises resistance across all outlets, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the internal filter networks, while Polaris-X ensures that the electrons take the easiest route, thereby reducing crosstalk and improving component-from-component isolation. In addition to improved filtering, the EVO3 Solus delivers greater protection against spikes and surges in the mains supply, with 22,500A of instantaneous, repeatable protection available.

The system design allows a full 10 amps of current to be drawn at any time, delivering power of up 2300VA with unrestricted transient ability.

Keith Martin, founder and MD of IsoTek, commented: “The EVO3 Solus is a practical, high value accessory that improves the sound quality of all audio systems without the dynamic constraints imposed by lesser power conditioners.

It delivers class leading protection against dangerous power surges and spikes, and supplies clean power to all connected equipment. Our enhanced individual differential filtering system, developed specifically for the EVO3 Solus, eradicates the possibility of cross-contamination between components, which can spread noise throughout an audio system – an issue that’s often overlooked in the elimination of differential mains noise. This is, quite simply, the most sophisticated power conditioner available at this price level – in terms of improving sound quality, there’s nothing to touch it.”

The EVO3 Solus is being made available this month in a choice of black or natural aluminium.

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