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IsoTek unleashes ‘ultimate’ high-end audio power conditioner

David Davies 28 March 2011
IsoTek unleashes ‘ultimate’ high-end audio power conditioner

Building upon the design of the existing Titan, the IsoTek Super Titan was inspired by the emergence of a new era of extremely powerful high-end amplifiers.

While the Titan remains a critical component in IsoTek’s product range, the arrival of Super Titan heralds the start of a new high-end range of power optimisation components called Ultra Reference. It takes the Titan blueprint and enhances every element of its design to deliver a new benchmark in the field of mains conditioning for high-performance audio and AV systems.

Like the existing Titan, the Super Titan is designed to meet the specific demands of high-end power amplifiers. However, in terms of its ability to deliver current, it is almost twice as powerful: while the Titan is capable of delivering 4,600W of continuous current, the Super Titan delivers 7,360W. With 35,500W of transient power on tap, says IsoTek, Super Titan is ‘quite simply the world’s most powerful audiophile mains conditioner.’

Unique filtering circuits, the ability to eliminate noise without limiting transient power, and the company’s Direct Coupled Design concept are all part of the new launch.

Fashioned from aluminium (black is also available), Super Titan’s rigid outer casing is cradled in a specially developed support structure called ISIS (Independent System Isolation Support), which was developed in conjunction with Clearlight Audio founder Kurt Olbert.

Silver-plated 32A locking Neutrik input and output sockets are among the other components of the Super Titan.

“When we launched the original Titan in 2005, it was designed to be the very best power conditioner we could make,” said Keith Martin, founder and MD of IsoTek. “In the six years since, our R&D programmes have enabled us to push the boundaries still further; the brief for the Super Titan was to design the finest power conditioner in the world for high-current audio applications, and that is precisely what we have delivered. It is our flagship product for those who demand the very best, and the improvements it brings to sound quality are emphatic. We can confidently say that no other power conditioner comes close.”

The second component in IsoTek’s new Ultra Reference Series – a multiple regeneration system – will be available later this year.

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