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ISE showcase for NAD’s MDC program

test 13 January 2010

NAD Electronics will highlight its Modular Design Construction (MDC) programme at ISE 2010, reports David Davies. Developed exclusively by NAD, the MDC scheme allows dealers and installers to provide custom configurations to owners of NAD’s high-value AV products.


Simplified product servicing and protection against premature obsolescence are said to be among the benefits of the MDC programme.


Greg Stidsen, product development director at NAD, told IE Residential: "NAD MDC greatly improves products’ performance, functionality and ease of use, while protecting them against premature obsolescence. It also simplifies product servicing, and enables NAD to more quickly bring to market new advanced technology features. The company expects MDC to become a standard for many years for the upper range of its AV receivers and processors. The company has also announced a module for Control 4 and additional modules can be expected."


Simply put, MDC places the signal processing sections of select, high-value components on replaceable plug-in modules. MDC is featured on NAD’s Theatre Series T785, T775 and T765 AC receivers, along with its T175 Preamp-Tuner-Processor and its Masters Series M15 HD Surround Sound Preamplifier.


NAD is already shipping four MDC modules that offer enhanced video and audio performance – the VM100, VM200, AM100 and AM200 – with more set to follow this year.


The programme allows current owners to have their MDC units upgraded to add new features and functionality through their authorised dealer.


In addition to facilitating investments only in the features that customers really require, MDC also allows them to maintain their initial investment by upgrading to new technology at a "fraction" of the cost of replacing the entire receiver.

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