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Iraqi Holy Shrine supplied with Community PA

David Davies 15 August 2011
Iraqi Holy Shrine supplied with Community PA

Local audio company Farasout Negar has completed the design and installation of a PA system for calling Muslims to prayer at the Imam Mousa Kazim Holy Shrine in Kazmein, Iraq.

To achieve 360 degree coverage and very high SPLs, Farasout Negar designed a system based on sixteen Community RSH-462 exponential FocusedArray horn systems. Each RSH-462 utilizes four Community M200 ferrofluid-cooled compression drivers mounted to a hand-laminated, reinforced composite fibreglass horn-array with a 60-degree horizontal and 20-degree vertical coverage pattern. With a sensitivity of 117dB for 1W at 1 metre and a 750W program power handling capacity, the RSH-462 provided the considerable SPL required.

Coverage was achieved by mounting four RSH-462 in each of the Shrine’s four minarets at a height of 33 metres from the ground. Four Lab.gruppen C28:4 four-channel power amplifiers are used to drive the Community loudspeakers, while system management is handled by an XTA DP446.

The loudspeakers are exposed to the elements, but with the one-piece, non-metallic diaphragm of the RSH-462 facing forward, the voice coil and magnetic structure of each driver are isolated from the environment.

Milad GhorbanNejad, commercial manager of Farasout Negar, commented: “We are very pleased with the sound levels, high intelligibility and coverage we have achieved with the RSH-462 loudspeakers and the combination of Community, Lab.gruppen and XTA has provided a system that ensures quality and long-term reliability.”

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