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Invision UK adds to distribution portfolio

test 12 March 2010

The company has been appointed to serve as the exclusive distributor of Mozaex Blu-ray entertainment servers in the UK and Ireland, reports David Davies. The Mozaex brand has been launched by Axonix MediaMax founder Douglas Kihm with the aim of "redefining" personal multi-room, multimedia Blu-ray entertainment and satisfying the requirements of high-end residential integrators.


With Mozaex, all media can be played simultaneously in any room. Incorporating a proprietary EasyUp single click user software utility, Mozaex enables instant playback of media stored on its server as well as photos and content from BBC iPlayer and many other services via the MozaexNetPlay online media server.


The new solution also features SurePlay, an online remote access service that allows the dealer, distributor or Mozaex to update and maintain the server from anywhere in the world.


"Invision UK is the perfect match for our Blu-ray entertainment server product line because they have proven that they know how to serve the middle to high-end custom home electronics dealer better than any other UK distributor," said Kihm.


Chris Dawson, product manager at Invision UK, told IE Residential: "We are delighted to be appointed as the exclusive distributor for Mozaex in the UK because the product is unique in its ability to store Blu-ray. As a format, Blu-ray has enjoyed some considerable success in the past few months and the CI industry has been waiting for a server with the capability to store Blu-ray movies. The Mozaex product is intuitive, reliable and designed to make life easier for installers. We expect it to be a great success."

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