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Invisible touch: Live-Wall speakers come to the UK

David Davies 4 July 2011
Invisible touch: Live-Wall speakers come to the UK

Anthem AV Solutions is to serve as the UK distributor for Live-Wall, the new American architectural speaker company that is focused on delivering ‘perfect invisible sound’.

The first product to be made available is the LW1218 point-source, direct radiating invisible speaker system. Yielding ‘traditional’ high-end in-wall speaker sound while remaining invisible under plaster, paint or wallpaper, the LW1218 is suitable for both retrofit and new construction; an optional fire-rated back box is available for the latter.

The speaker is weather-resistant and can be fitted in environments including showers, steam rooms and boats. Measuring 30.5 x 45.5 x 7.3 cm, the LW1218 offers a 160-degree dispersion pattern and incorporates a two-inch voice coil driven by an oversized neodymium motor. The diaphragm is in direct contact with whatever the user decides to cover the speaker.

Power handling to 100W, output of 102dB at 1m, and a frequency range of 54Hz to 20kHz complete the core specification.

Tom Garrett, technical sales manager at Anthem AV Solutions, commented: “The Live-Wall speaker sound as good as a traditional in-ceiling speaker because it works like a traditional speaker. If an installer has dismissed invisible speakers in the past due to poor sound quality, then they really need to listen to these.”

Looking to the future of the Live-Wall brand, Garrett told IE Residential: “We believe that Invisible Speakers are going to become the standard speaker choice for residential multi-room audio and cinema installations in the future. This has been prevented from happening until now by the performance limitations of this class of speaker. The audio quality of the Live-Wall product means that this vision can now become a reality. The LW1218 is the first of a series of products that are planned for production by Live-Wall. An Invisible Subwoofer will be the next Live-Wall product to be launched, which will happen later this year.”

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