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Invensys chooses Camvine’s CODA digital signage solution

Ian McMurray 8 November 2011
Invensys chooses Camvine’s CODA digital signage solution

Global technology company Invensys has chosen digital signage software company Camvine’s Cloud-based CODA as the basis of an in-house digital signage network.

With an R&D team spread throughout the world, Invensys needed a way of keeping them all in touch with each other – and decided to implement “R&D TV”, with displays at key points in each location.

Invensys says that it chose CODA because the technology was easy to use and build up and, because the integration with business applications such as SharePoint was intelligently conceived and well implemented.

The sources that feed Invensys R&D TV are both broad and diverse. The screens run through a 65 minute loop, of which 40 minutes is automatically updated with live information. Presenting KPI (key performance indicator) information is a central function for the network. Invensys corporate data is automatically linked to CODA each day. As a result, the displays present the current status of development projects, with traffic light graphics on project performance, expected completion date and latest updates.

Added to this are a number of Invensys internal RSS feeds giving corporate and department news, as well as calendars showing events for the different departments. Other useful information includes the local time at each location, webcams from each location and live information from the web. Static content is also shown, such as corporate videos and slides from presentations, reward and recognition and patent activity.

“Bringing together information from a wide range of sources, including corporate Intranets such as SharePoint was straightforward with CODA,” said Dave Hartley, Program Collaboration & Innovation – R&D Operations at Invensys Eurotherm, who was responsible for the selection of the CODA system. “This is possible because CODA can bookmark URL addresses within corporate Intranets and easily add authentication credentials for users.”

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