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Intevi and PSCo use 109 hi-res LED panels for retail project

Duncan Proctor 26 January 2015
Intevi and PSCo use 109 hi-res LED panels for retail project

Intevi and PSCo have combined to create super high-resolution LED displays using 109 panels for Brazilian footwear brand Melissa’s London shop launch.

Tom Scott, MD of Intevi, commented: “We had previously worked with the contractors on another retail project and they knew we could deliver on the very distinctive brief Melissa had produced. In the large entrance hall, visitors would be surrounded on three sides by floor to ceiling LED screens. These screens would feature anything, from psychedelic art installations to fashion shows. The screens would be mirror backed so that they could be turned off to provide a reflective surface around the art installations.”

Intevi chose technical distributor PSCo to supply the super high resolution LED displays for this project, due to their exclusive portfolio from Absen and their UK servicing and support offering.

In total 44 Absen A106 6mm panels in an 8 x 3m formation and 65 Absen A103 panels were used marking the first time a sub 4mm Absen product has been used in the UK.

Liam Norris, LED product manager at PSCo explained: “We were able to support Intevi on this project, removing any of the risk and uncertainty of dealing with a Chinese manufacturer. We handled the entire procurement process on their behalf, sourcing the screens required from China and managing the supply chain back in the UK. One of the key benefits of quality LED screens is their long life cycle, making a full UK service and warranty contract essential. As all LED sold through PSCo includes a UK warranty serviced from the PSCo Service Centre, Intevi can ensure the displays are never out of action for long periods of time.”

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