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Interesting Scenario from Cytech

Andrew Brister 1 June 2011
Interesting Scenario from Cytech

Cytech’s new Scenario feature for its Comfort intelligent home system simplifies home automation programming. Users can now add more helpful features tailored to individual homes.

The Scenario feature is a new development introduced in Comfort Comfigurator 3.2.7 that simplifies the installation of a certain function in Comfort. For example, an intruder alarm can be programmed to cause all the lights in the house to turn on or to flash on and off. When this is used often in installations it can be exported as a Scenario to be used on another occasion.

Designers and installers can build up a Scenario library with input from users to help simplify programming and allow more complex programming to be available.

Full details are available at Cytech has created a tutorial on the forum at

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