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Intercom maker talks up range expansion

James McGrath 30 January 2014
Intercom maker talks up range expansion

As well as showcasing its range of analogue and digital intercom systems, ASL Intercom will introduce a number of new products in its ASL Digital series during ISE 2014.

The DS 53 Fiber Optic Matrix Link module allows the creation of a high-speed data ring with fibre optic cable, to which two or more existing DS 4002 matrix units can be connected. The data ring can have a length of up to 15km, with ASL suggesting the solution is ideal for situations where the digital intercom system has to be spread out to several buildings. The new DS 56 Fiber Optic String Extender can also extend an intercom line, or ‘string’, up to 2km.
The DS 8200 Power Supply is being introduced to optimise the redundancy of DS 4002 matrix units. A DS 8200 is capable of powering two matrix units and allows for connecting these units to a second VAC group. For additional 48 VDC ‘String Power’ on the outputs of a DS 88 hub, ASL is introducing the DS 84 Power Injector.

To offer paging applications in the public areas of a theatre building or for show relay in dressing rooms, the company is introducing the DS 130L Paging Speaker station, with Volume Override. Volume ducking can be achieved on the system using an existing DS 74 interface.

The DS 76 Telephone Interface is also being showcased, with its ability to make telephone connections from an ASL speaker station. An auto answer function can be enabled or disabled in the configuration software.

ASL is also offering capabilities to extend the amount of General Purpose Inputs (GPI) and General Purpose Outputs (GPO) in an intercom system, via the new DS 78 GPIO Interface. Each DS 78 offers eight GPIs and eight GPOs. Also on show is new functionality for ConfigurIt software, which provides a graphical user interface for configuring ASL Digital Intercom systems. In one of many new features, the GPIO software is able to make logical connections (routes) between the knobs of an intercom station to the GPIO connectors in the network or to the knobs of another intercom station.

Stand: 7-E200

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