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InstallAwards wrap-up – backstage interviews (VIDEO) and thanks to judges

Paddy Baker 25 July 2014
InstallAwards wrap-up – backstage interviews (VIDEO) and thanks to judges

At the InstallAwards in June, we shot interviews with the winners just as they came offstage with their trophies. Here’s the final edited version (3mins 37 seconds), featuring:

  • Steve Blyth, Engage Production
  • Toni Barnett and Jordan Hall, CDEC
  • Sophie Hargrove, V&A
  • Alan March, Sennheiser
  • Reinhold Stumpfl, AV Stumpfl
  • Dr Andreas Scheucher, AV Stumpfl
  • Ricky Kundi, Kensington AV
  • Andy Willmott, Inspire Tech
  • Will Turney, AMX
  • Neil Hartstone, GSK
  • Frank Sheehan, Visual Acuity
  • Stuart Hetherington, Holovis
  • John Mizon, Schindler
  • John Pellowe, Meyer Sound
  • Dirk Hendrickx, Barco
  • Robert Simpson, Electrosonic

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the judges publicly for their hard work deciding the winners in each award category. This is the first occasion on which the InstallAwards 2014 judges have been named – their identities are not revealed beforehand to protect them from any untoward influence.

So, our grateful thanks go to these industry figures:

  • Brett Downing, TOA
  • Chris Axford, Digital Projection
  • David Davies, journalist
  • David Rodarte, Changing Velocity
  • Fredrik Svahnberg, Dataton
  • Ian McMurray, journalist
  • James Gordon, DiGiCo
  • Jan Setterberg, Soliflex
  • Jerry Gilbert, JGPR
  • Jim Evans, journalist
  • Jordan McLachlan, Red Pepper Communications
  • Keith Dutch, Peerless-AV
  • Kevin McLoughlin, Royal Society of Medicine
  • Martin Barbour, QSC
  • Martine Dodwell-Bennett, Lutron
  • Matt Dodd, thinkingbricks
  • Monica Heck, journalist
  • Nick Cook, NC Marketing
  • Nicki Fisher, Clear-Com
  • Paul Malpas, Engineered Acoustic Designs
  • Paul Marshall, AVM Impact
  • Peter Ed, Light Emissions
  • Ralph Zariah, Mode-AL
  • Sam Wise, Venue Strategies
  • Steve Beahan, Invision
  • Terry Coffey, Draper
  • Tim Chapman, TC Group

The InstallAwards will be back in 2015 – we’ll have more details in a few months.

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