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Installation-ZeeVee webinar explores 4K distribution over IP

Paddy Baker 24 May 2016
Installation ZeeVee webinar - 4K AV over IP

Will AV over IP replace proprietary AV distribution? ZeeVee certainly thinks so, and its recent webinar – ‘The Future of AV Distribution Is IP – And It’s Now!’ – conducted in partnership with Installation, provides some compelling evidence.

Perhaps the most persuasive argument is that HDBaseT has a ceiling of 7Gbps – but 4K signals can easily exceed this, particularly when they use the latest standards, such as HDMI 2.0 or HDCP 2.2, or employ 4:4:4 chroma subsampling, 60fps frame rates or high dynamic range (HDR). As Marc Thrush, country manager, UK and Ireland, puts it: “HDBaseT’s ability to cope with 4K is questionable, and the installation headaches are just going to get worse and worse, without a shadow of a doubt.”

The webinar, presented by Thrush together with Danny Barr (ZeeVee vice president of new product business development), explores how 10Gbps networks provide a robust basis for the distribution of uncompressed 4K video signals, when used in conjunction with the company’s ZyPer4K platform.

Barr and Thrush – who are joined for the Q&A following the main presentations by Rob Muddiman, ZeeVee EMEA sales director – outline numerous advantages for end users, for the IT department and for the systems integrator in selecting ZyPer4K.

For instance, end users benefit from lower cost of ownership, greater ease of upgrading, and from being able to avoid investing in technology they can’t redeploy later.

Whether AV signals are distributed over the core network or kept separate from it, IT departments appreciate being able to use standard equipment (such as IP switches) and are likely to be more comfortable with a system that truly runs over Ethernet, rather that one that uses proprietary links.

Among the benefits for systems integrators are easier system design and maintenance, quicker installation and rapid configuration – ZyPer4K requires configuration rather than programming – all of which helps them maintain high product margins.

Watch the webinar to find out more about the platform, including:
• How systems can be easily expanded or repurposed
• Support for third-party control systems
• How the Zyper4K Management Platform supports the ‘zero programming’ concept

The webinar can be accessed at the link below.

Installation webinar – ‘The Future of AV Distribution Is IP – And It’s Now!’

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