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InfoComm debut for Xantech QuickConfig mode

David Davies 24 May 2011
InfoComm debut for Xantech QuickConfig mode

Next month will see the formal unveiling of a quick installation/configuration mode for the MX88 IP-enabled multi-zone audio/video controller.

QuickConfig, says Xantech, aims to eradicate “the tedious programming process that can literally take days with other supplier’s products, and reduces it down to as little as 10 minutes.” The new mode allows installers to instantly configure the MX88 for multiple zones and sources throughout a residence – without the need to employ an external computer to program the system.

No separate PC is required to use the installation/configuration software, meaning that with QuickConfig, the MX88 is ‘usable out of the box’.

The MX88 can be used to control every aspect of the home theatre – including audio/video, lighting and drapes – and may also be programmed to control air conditioning/heating, home security and video surveillance systems.

Xantech president Graham Hallett commented: “For the past 40 years, Xantech has been and continues to be at the forefront of control technology and how it shapes, and is shaped by, industry trends. We are now seeing increasingly complex A/V and IT systems in a growing number of places, and simpler, more intuitive control solutions and setup protocols are an absolute necessity. As A/V control systems evolve, Xantech continues to give users products that make their lives easier. Whatever your system components, you turn it on; we make it work.”

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