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InfoComm 2013: Duran Audio opens up design software to all speaker brands

Paddy Baker 13 June 2013
InfoComm 2013: Duran Audio opens up design software to all speaker brands

Beam steering and shaping pioneer Duran Audio announced the release of version 4.0 of its DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) electroacoustic design software at InfoComm 2013. Unlike previous versions of the package, the latest generation can work with loudspeakers from other manufacturers as well as Duran Audio’s.

The software was developed by Dr Evert Start of Duran Audio (pictured). International business development manager Nick Screen explained that opening up the software to other manufacturers’ speakers means that it can be used to predict and model the entirety of projects that feature a mixture of Duran Audio Intellivox speakers (in the main areas) and other brands (for infill). “A lot of customers, sound systems designers and consultants that we work with have asked us to do this,” he said.

Any speakers for which CLF (common loudspeaker format) data is available can be modeled in DDA 4.0. According to Screen, around 20 manufacturers’ data can be found at, while some others can be found on manufacturers’ websites.

To use the software, it is first necessary to build up the room geometry using SketchUp, CATT Acoustic, EASE or Odeon, and then import it into DDA. One can then add materials to the room to calculate the reverberation time, or this can be added manually if it has been measured. Once all the data has been added, it is possible to optimise the performance of the array speakers.

The software is available free of charge from Duran Audio. Those wishing to download it should register at

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