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InfoComm 2013: Barix shows new Annuncicom PS1 IP paging solution

Paddy Baker 12 June 2013
InfoComm 2013: Barix shows new Annuncicom PS1 IP paging solution

Barix is attending InfoComm with the Annuncicom PS1 – a new IP paging solution that allows end users and systems integrators to set up multi-point systems quickly. The plug-and-play solution combines fixed and mobile paging to extend reach and capability, while removing configuration hassles typically associated with IP. This ensures facilities can be up and running quickly instead of configuring IP addresses, servers and ports for receiving devices.

Dedicated Barix Paging firmware enables the paging master to automatically identify all zones and Barix IP hardware on the network, including other paging stations and receivers. Furthermore, a Barix iOS paging app enables iPhones and iPads as paging devices – cleanly integrating the mobile capability into the overall solution.

The Barix IP Paging solution includes all pre-configured hardware, including paging masters and receiving devices equipped with the IP Paging firmware. Complete solutions can scale to the end customer’s needs, with no limits to the number of paging zones. The company’s two-way VoIP devices can be used at receiving points to enable intercom capability over the same network, and integrated amplifier options are available to further reduce costs and infrastructure.

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