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InfoComm 2013: Analog Way launches Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 multi-screen seamless switchers

Paddy Baker 12 June 2013
InfoComm 2013: Analog Way launches Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 multi-screen seamless switchers

Analog Way is unveiling the Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 during InfoComm 2013. These two powerful multi-screen seamless switchers, with 32 and 48 scalers respectively, are said to offer unmatched processing capabilities.

These complete the company’s LiveCore series, which the company introduced in early 2013. Described as the most important R&D project ever undertaken by Analog Way, the LiveCore combines ruggedised design, versatile connectivity and state-of-the-art processing.

The Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 both offer 12 seamless inputs and 42 input plugs: six HDMI, nine DVI-I, three DisplayPort, 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI and 12 universal analogue. The devices can handle any source from composite video up to 2,560 x1,600, and outputs a variety of formats, including HDTV and computer format, up to 2,560 x 1,600 and 4K.

As with all LiveCore-based systems, both systems include an independent dual-link output for monitoring purposes, with a live source mosaic layout. The products deliver varied display configurations to adapt to almost any application: mixer, hybrid, hard edge and soft edge configurations.

In addition to a native background layer, up to four (Ascender 32) or six (Ascender 48) true-seamless scaled layers per output can be displayed. Layers can be controlled individually in time and transition. All layers, including 50 logos and 50 frames that can be stored in the memory bank, are uniformly controlled and can be fully resized.

The Ascender 48 offers advanced layer management. When an output is disabled, its layers can be shifted to another output offering higher flexibility.

Two Ascender 32 or Ascender 48 units can be linked, with inputs and outputs shared and added. This results in a 24 x 8 scaled seamless matrix system with two live mosaic previews.

Ascender 32 and Ascender 48 can be controlled directly from the front panel through a TFT colour display, or through the web-based Remote Control Software (Web RCS) specifically designed for the LiveCore platform. Web RCS offers a user-friendly graphic interface enabling operators to fully prepare a show and control it live.

Through Web RCS, users can access remote services, and assistance is also available.

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