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Increased tension – Projecta expands screen range

test 26 April 2007

Projecta has expands its range of tensioned screens with the introduction of the HomeScreen Deluxe. A high quality projection screen fabric and an attractive aluminum design frame are said to give this new projection screen a very special look. Superior image quality and ease of installation were at the top of the list during the product development process.


One striking detail is the frame covering in a distinguished black velours. Thanks to the velours’ high degree of light absorption, the influence of the ambient light is reduced significantly. The deep-black frame border contributes to a high perceived image clarity, the sloping inner edge of the frame reduces shadows in the image.


Putting the frame together is a matter of following a few simple installation steps. A well-thought out tension system ensures that the projection screen may be stretched for permanent taut results. Wall mounting accessories enable the screen to be placed in a designated permanent location in the home cinema room.


The HomeScreen Deluxe projection screens are available in 4:3 and 6:9 formats.


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