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Imerge announces partnership with Universal Music

test 16 February 2009

The new deal enables Imerge to pre-load the MS1 Media Server and associated XiVASafe storage solutions with Universal content, writes David Davies. For the end-user, the pre-loaded Universal Music content will make it possible to enjoy a "straight out of the box Imerge Experience".


Introduced in 2008, the MS1 Media Server constitutes a one-component design that offers easy set-up, near-silent operation, two XiVASafe storage options (iSCSI and ESATA), audio over HDMI, a discreet slot-loading drive, and extensive connectivity encompassing network/audio/video/scaleable storage.


"We are constantly developing our company and products for the good of our customer, and now thanks to Universal Music the Imerge experience can be enjoyed immediately," said Imerge CEO Cameron Wade. "We are looking forward to working further with Universal in the future and can only thank them for the service they have provided us thus far."


Regarding Imerge’s priorities for the installation business this year, business development manager Charlie Mertz told II: "There are so many projects on the burners right now at Imerge, it could be easy to lose sight of what we want to achieve. A new dawn in 2008 heralded a new vision at Imerge. The pioneering spirit that lifted this company in its infancy is back, and with the new product line is here to stay. Our major priority in 2009 is to further engage all of our customers, with education, support and knowledge that will help them improve their relationships and in turn their businesses.


"Partnering with Universal Music for our preloaded content is a real boon and signifies our intent to provide the best customer experience possible. There is so much more to come this year, all of it geared towards improving business and relationships across the installation world. The Imerge brand is back with a bang."


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