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IHSE intros DXXi fibre extenders

test 2 February 2010
IHSE intros DXXi fibre extenders

IHSE, a provider of DVI and KVM solutions, has introduced the new DXXi fibre extenders supporting lossless dual link DVI, USB 2.0, audio, serial and KVM applications.

According to IHSE, the DXXi digital KVM extenders – designed and manufactured in Germany – offer ‘perfect signal quality without sacrificing image quality’.

These extenders support uncompressed DVI-D for resolutions up to 2,560×2,048 using only two fibre connectors. Up to 1,920×1,200, 1080p or 2K, only one single fibre is required.

The true persistent USB-HID emulation supports not only keyboard and mouse but also touchscreen displays and interactive gaming keyboards or mice.

Optionally, audio and serial signals can be added. Transparent EDID transmission supporting HDCP allows extension of DVI and HDMI devices like HD or Blu-ray players or PlayStations. Users can enjoy uncompressed data transmission for 1080p HDTV video with full digital transport of embedded digital audio when it is included with the HDMI device.

With the addition of a third fibre, transparent USB 2.0 is supported with complete bi-directional communications for USB and full power on all remote USB ports. Further options include a DXXi single link or dual link switch allowing two CPUs to be connected from a single remote unit.

The DXXi supports multimode fibre for distances up to 1km with OM3 fibres, and 400m when used with 50/125µ multimode fibre. The compact design allows up to three devices to be installed in a 1RU frame.

"No need to compromise," said Heiner Esseln, CTO of IHSE. "DXXi is your choice for high-end KVM extensions where mission-critical image quality is required!"

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