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IHSE extends KVM control in the mobile world

Jo Ruddock 4 February 2014

A range of KVM extenders with local CPU support is being launched at the show, aimed at delivering greater flexibility when using personal mobile devices.

KVM extenders for computer signal extension comprise two parts: CPU Units at the source end connect to computers whilst CON Units provide signals to peripheral devices, including monitor, keyboard and mouse. However if a local mobile device is connected to a workstation the user must still use its integrated keyboard and pointing devices, which may not be convenient. To solve this problem and enable extended use of mobile devices, IHSE is offering a newly designed Draco vario CPU Unit with local CPU support.

The device is connected to the CON Unit, which functions as a local KVM switch, enabling switching between the local device and the remotely located computers via the KVM network. The workstation keyboard and mouse can thus be used to access and control the local device while optional loudspeakers or headphones will play back the analogue audio signal. IHSE says this leads to greater flexibility and increases working comfort.

A wide range of variants of the new extender will enable the use of all common interfaces including HDMI and DVI, with audio signals able to be switched via HDMI and digital audio interfaces. To increase resilience, all extenders in the Draco vario series are also available in redundant versions.

Stand: 10-P136

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