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ICCOSS hails new approach to digital content management

David Davies 29 March 2011
ICCOSS hails new approach to digital content management

Technology devised by the Swiss company enables users to access their digital content through their computer, TV, smartphone or tablet, and share it with family and friends.

A spin-off of telecoms giant Swisscom, ICCOSS AG is gearing its efforts to satisfy the needs of affluent families with multiple residencies and a high volume of digital content. The ICCOSS solution includes integration with iTunes, iPhoto and automatic synchronisation between multiple residences or vessels, as well as allowing secure access to encrypted content from anywhere on the globe.

Rudy Marrero, head of sales & marketing at Iccoss AG, commented: “The ICCOSS solution is a completely new approach to managing digital content. Since our software was created and developed in-house, we can customise the system for our clients, giving us complete control over implementing cutting edge solutions for our integrators and customers.”

Souheil Ben Yacoub, chief executive officer of Iccoss AG, told IE Residential: “There are many flavours of media servers and digital asset management systems on the market today, but none of them are designed to fit the lifestyle needs of the affluent family segment like ICCOSS. We offer storage solutions on your own premises or hosting in Switzerland placing your content under the umbrella of Swiss privacy protection laws. Unlike other systems, family members can share their individual content with each other, automatically back up their family memories across multiple residences and securely access their content through multiple devices taking ICCOSS with you wherever you go.”

In the latest phase of development, ICCOSS has released a v3.0 update for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 that gives users the ability to access their encrypted archives from anywhere in the world. This update includes the ability to share photo archives, upload archives on the go, and import shared photos directly to an iPad or iPhone.

A web sharing update is another feature included in the v3.0 update. As a result, customers can securely share their content on a website where the ICCOSS user can publish content while preserving their privacy.

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