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IBC 2012: Trilogy adds to Gemini intercom system

Jo Ruddock 8 September 2012
IBC 2012: Trilogy adds to Gemini intercom system

At IBC 2012 Trilogy Broadcast is launching a significant enhancement to its Gemini IP intercom system. The latest additions take advantage of Gemini’s ability to carry programme-quality audio over its innovative High Speed Link (HSL), and adds AES and MADI audio interfaces.

The new digital audio interface handles both MADI and AES signals in any combination. This clever solution supports transparent routing of the audio streams and provides interrupt capability and stereo to mono mixing.

A key application is to be able to strip out audio channels to send to an intercom device. The configuration includes the ability to mix the programme feed with talkback, to duck it or to mute it. Because the Gemini maintains full 20kHz audio quality it can even be used for programme audio routing if the standard path fails for any reason.

"We designed Gemini in response to requests from broadcasters around the world, to be as flexible as possible," said Mark Ellis, director of business development, Trilogy Broadcast. "What makes it possible is our core architecture which puts high-quality audio on a ring, separated out from control and backup audio on a separate circuit. With the IP infrastructure and open standard switching, it means we can route any audio anywhere – that is great for communications but it means we can deliver a whole lot more, too."

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